Walter Schupfer Management


Fabian Öhrn, born 1985, grew up on the island of Vaxholm, an hour-long boat ride from Stockholm, Sweden. The simple coastal lifestyle on the island informs Fabian’s life and work to this day, allowing him to enjoy and focus on the fine details of life around him. The boredom of a bucolic childhood formed Fabian into an adult who imagines the unseen and then patiently creates it.

In 2003, Fabian moved to Stockholm for college. In need of a job, he knocked on the door of a photographer in his building. The next day he was cleaning and painting the photography studio and was on his way to learning and honing his craft.

After finishing school and photo assisting for just a few short years, Fabian began developing his unique style in still life photography, eventually creating his own Stockholm-based studio in 2007. Soon after, he was making images for clients in Sweden and all around Europe.

In 2013 Fabian moved to NYC. While his Swedish roots still influence much of his work, New York pushes him to create motion commercials and expand upon his visual style. He still keeps his daily routines of walking the dogs early in the morning to his studio in Chelsea, where he creates meticulous stills and videos that focus on the aesthetics of light and color, and how they interact with the details of objects.

Fabian's clients include: Absolut Vodka, Baccarat, Bergdorf Goodman, Bobbi Brown, Clé de Peau, Gatineau, Kevin Aucoin, La Mer, Milk Makeup, Nars, Puma, Swarovski and Tommy Hilfiger.