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Gizelle Hernandez is a Mexican American photographer, filmmaker, and visual storyteller. A native to Los Angeles, her passion for the medium began in high school where she was rarely seen without a film and/or video camera, and could always be found in the darkroom.

After high school, Gizelle went on to try out a different career, thinking she had to follow a specific course in life. That career was as a 911 Operator. One day, while sitting in front of all the screens in a dark room, she decided it was time to pack up and follow her passion.

She went on to attend Art Center College of Design where she graduated with a B.F.A in Photography and Imaging.

Gizelle finds it most exciting to create a unique world for each of her subjects that can tell a visual story that delivers insight into the essence of who they really are. Whether it be with the art direction she provides for her sets, her color palette and lighting, or in her suggested poses, Gizelle is always looking to create tactful images that provoke a connection and closeness between the subject and viewer. Her work is signature in its cinematic lighting, set design, vivid color, and masterful creation of worlds in which her subjects truly come to life.

Select clients include: Apple, Adidas, Paramount, Netflix, Numéro, Nike, Time, Variety, STARZ, Vans, OPI, Disney, Born x Raised and Violet Grey.