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Johnathan Gale has revolutionized the hair industry with a never ending commitment to perfection and beauty while balancing the possibilities of hair color with the maintenance of healthy hair. Now, Johnathan has taken that passion for beautiful hair and created a line of inspirational health and beauty products that are truly transformative.

Years of technical experience, intense creativity and an affinity for the transformative qualities of color and light on hair, are just a few of the reasons why Johnathan Gale has become a master in the art of hair coloring. Johnathan has enjoyed a highly successful career in both the UK and the US that includes high-fashion editorials and the most sought after advertising and celebrity clients. Johnathan is undeniably the go-to colorist to the stars, having worked with notable personalities such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Garner, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, John Travolta and Charlize Theron.

In addition to being a top colorist to the stars for all of their red carpet events, Johnathan’s most striking achievements have been in film. Devoted to the art of creating perfect hair color, Johnathan invites the challenge of working cinematic themes and parameters of film's lighting into his ultimate vision. In the film world, Johnathan not only changes the color of an actor's hair but he also contributes to the creation of the characters for such luminaries as Claire Danes, Michelle Williams, Diane Keaton, Jennifer Garner, Heath Ledger and Matthew McConaughey. Johnathan is a true professional and teacher who focuses on balancing the possibilities of hair color with the maintenance of healthy hair.

Growing up in the center of London, Johnathan was able to develop his creativity at an early age. He began an apprenticeship at eighteen with famed hair colorist Daniel Galvin, whose salon was the first to put hair color on the industry map. His life was suddenly transformed when given this opportunity. From then on, he sought only to take his newfound craft to higher and more challenging levels. Early in his career, Johnathan began collaborating with famed hairstylist Sam McKnight. His genius for hair was soon discovered by some of the best photographers, including Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel. as well as one of the industries best hairstylists, Guido. Meisel and Guido soon began to use Johnathan for Italian Vogue's most iconic covers. It is this collaboration in particular, which continues to this day, that typifies Johnathan's commitment to perfection and beauty. Johnathan's skill and talent soon led to him to the world of television, where he began producing signature styles for the BBC and notably for the legendary Brideshead Revisited Series. An actor/actress couple, Susan George (who played the lead in the film Straw Dogs), and husband Simon McCorkindale (of the television series Falcon Crest), played a pivotal role in Johnathan's burgeoning career. He was invited by the couple to come to Los Angeles, where he a found wealth of inspiration in California's golden light. It was in California that he really began to explore the mutable nature of light on hair, and it is this intense and life long passion that makes Johnathan a colorist in a class all his own.

Johnathan was voted Hair Colorist of the Year, US Magazine