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new work with the Ferrari 330 P4

In this latest addition to their ‘Plain Bodies’ series,  INK honors the sculpted curves and seductive form of the Ferrari 330 P4, cited by many as the most beautiful car of all time.

To catch a mere glimpse of this vehicle is a privilege that few will experience; only 3 examples were ever made. Painstakingly hand-beaten and engineered to perfection, these curvaceous powerhouses were built for a single purpose, to beat Ford and their rival GT40.

In the P4, Ferrari had built a winning car, famously taking a historic 1,2,3 spot at Daytona in 1967, though with racing folklore being what it is, the P4 will perhaps always be known as the car that crucially lost to the Ford GT40 at Le Mans that same year; the beautiful loser.

Stripped of its traditional red coachwork paint, these CGI images celebrate functional form and uncomplicated art direction.

INK presents the P4 as an object of beauty, its curves forever victorious.